Samsung Galaxy AI's Best Feature Could Be Coming to iPhone

Someone using the Stylus from Samsung S24 Ultra and circling a bag for Circle to Search
Credit: Google / Samsung

Someone using the Stylus from Samsung S24 Ultra and circling a bag for Circle to Search
Credit: Google / Samsung


  • Samsung's best Galaxy AI feature, Circle to Search, could be coming to iPhone
  • According to a recent Google for iOS update, a "Lens Circle to Search" flag has appeared
  • The feature won't be as system-wide as Android's version due to Apple's policies

Earlier this year, Samsung unveiled its latest lineup of smartphones, the Galaxy S24 series, and highlighted Galaxy AI. At Samsung's Unpacked event, the company showcased a range of AI features coming to a select set of Samsung devices, including the latest phones. Surprisingly, one of the best Galaxy AI features may soon be available on its rival—the iPhone.

Many people are eagerly anticipating big AI announcements for the upcoming iOS 18 update. The Galaxy AI features have provided a glimpse of what to expect from AI in smartphones. Hopefully, ChatGPT 4o can further advance AI in our handsets, especially since it's already superior to Siri.

Google and Samsung's partnership has introduced an impressive AI feature called Circle to Search. This AI tool lets users circle objects on their images or screens to find objects, people, and more for Google searches.

Galaxy AI's standout feature may not remain exclusive to Android for long. According to The Mac Observer, a recent Google Chrome for iOS update includes a flag called "Lens Circle to Search," indicating that the feature could be coming to iOS devices soon.

Considering the name of the iOS version, it's no surprise that it would rely more heavily on Google Lens, the feature that lets Google scan images or screenshots for objects to search.

Google has not confirmed the feature's arrival on the iPhone, but the presence of certain code in the recent update suggests that the feature is in development. Unfortunately, if the feature does come to iOS, it won't have the same functionality as on Android because Apple doesn't allow third-party developers to have system-wide access to the iPhone.

It's encouraging to see the popular Galaxy AI (and Pixel 8) feature becoming available on more devices, at least to some extent. Especially since Galaxy AI is only a free trial for Samsung users and will become a paid service at the end of 2025. Hopefully, Google can keep Circle to Search free for all users—Android or otherwise—in the future.

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