Beat Saber Abandons OG Quest Users, But Modders Keep It Alive

A beat saber player standing in a purple room slicing blocks

A beat saber player standing in a purple room slicing blocks


  • Beat Saber will no longer be updated on the original Quest VR headset
  • New DLC will only release on new headsets and PC
  • Mods will continue to keep the game alive for old Quest users

The original Oculus Quest headset is losing support for its most popular standalone VR game: Beat Saber.

With the OG Quest headset being retired by Meta in favor of the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3, developers have already stopped releasing titles for the aging device. However, the headset’s flagship VR game Beat Saber will soon be abandoned on the first Quest.

In an update to the Beat Saber report page, it was revealed that multiplayer support, future updates and customer service for the game on the original Quest will be taken away on November 2, 2024.

Instead, fans will have to upgrade to either a Meta Quest 2, 3 or Pro headset or play the game on PC. Thankfully, players who bought the game on the Meta Quest store will be able to play the game and any purchased DLC on a new device or via the Oculus App on PC.

“As we continue developing Beat Saber, our goal is to raise the bar of what’s possible,” the developer explained. “To focus our efforts in the right direction, we will no longer support Meta Quest 1 devices.”

At the time of writing, leaderboards are planned to stay operational on this version of the game. However, that online functionality may also be phased out in time as well.

For those who play the best Beat Saber mods and use modded leaderboards, this functionality isn’t expected to change.

Unfortunately, this decision to axe support for Beat Saber on the OG Quest may not be entirely the decision of developer Beat Games. In fact, Meta has already stopped developers from releasing new updates for original Quest games with popular online titles such as Population: One becoming unusable for older VR gamers.

Thankfully, the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 headsets are some of the best VR headsets you can buy, and we’d highly recommend an upgrade. On the other hand, it is hard to recommend staying in an ecosystem directly after an entire generation of it has been made redundant.

Meta is also working on a slew of new exclusives for the Quest platform including a new Batman: Arkham game exclusively for Quest 3. It’s still an exciting time to be a VR gamer.

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