BattleBit Remastered Xbox and PS5 ports teased by developer

battlebit remastered xbox and ps5 ports teased by developer

battlebit remastered xbox and ps5 ports teased by developer

Battlebit Remastered continues to be the biggest surprise hit of the year. Not only did the game shock players with its quality upon release but it looks like this low-poly shooter might be coming to consoles soon.

The developers hosted a Reddit AMA where fans asked them plenty of questions. Unsurprisingly, one of them was about the popular shooter making its way to modern consoles in the near future.

At first, it didn’t seem like Battlebit Remastered would be coming to consoles, as the devs feel this game has too many inputs for controllers.

“Right now not really, for us the experience matters,” the devs explained. “Currently we wouldn’t be able to deliver the same experience on console, until we are at this point we won't see a console release.”

However, when the devs were asked if the shooter would ever come to consoles, they didn’t rule it out entirely. “Possibly, but that will take a while still,” answered the developers.

Considering how the shooter is already selling millions on PC, the devs aren’t exactly hurting on the PC side. That being said, the developers haven’t written this off a console version, so there is a bit of hope left.

While unlikely, the game’s immense popularity might make the developers reconsider a console port. There was a time when Battlebit Remastered was more popular than Starfield, which is when this game took off. Despite mostly being for the PC master race, fans have found a way to play this shooter on Steam Deck.

Based on the Reddit AMA, it’s clear that this shooter needs to be re-adjusted to consoles, hence the uncertainty behind a port. Currently, the low-poly shooter has no official controller support, though there are community layouts for fans to follow

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Battlebit Remastered is still in Early Access and can be downloaded on Steam.

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