Batman: Arkham Shadow Seemingly Brings Back Arkham Origins Voice Actor

batman arkham shadow brings back arkham origins actor
Credit: Warner Bros.

batman arkham shadow brings back arkham origins actor
Credit: Warner Bros.


  • Batman's Arkham Origins actor teases returning for Batman: Arkham Shadow
  • Roger Craig Smith did a phenomenal job in both Arkham Origins games
  • This seemingly confirms Arkham Shadow being set in Batman's past

Batman: Arkham Shadow was announced for VR devices and we might know who the new voice actor of Batman is going to be. Now that Kevin Conroy has passed away, many were wondering who would voice the character in Shadow and it looks like we have our answer.

Roger Craig Smith, who voiced the character during Batman: Arkham Origins, has shared a teaser image for Arkham Shadow on his Instagram account. While Smith didn’t say anything in the post, this seemingly confirms the actor’s involvement in the game and when it is in the series timeline.

If Batman: Arkham Shadow takes place earlier in Bruce Wayne’s career as The Dark Knight, getting Smith to return is a good move. Fans enjoyed Smith’s performance as Batman in the Arkham Origins games, managing to capture his angst and intensity perfectly. Smith was so good that we forgot he voices Sonic the Hedgehog and Mirage in Apex Legends.

Some fans were hopeful that Conroy has recorded some lines in advance for Arkham Shadow, as the actor does have a handful of appearances as Batman still coming. Conroy’s Batman is expected to appear in the third part of DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths animated trilogy. The late actor also has a cameo in Amazon’s upcoming Batman: Caped Crusader animated series.

The reveal of Batman: Arkham Shadow made many VR fans happy, since it’s good to see these headsets get some cool AAA games. It’s also exclusive to Meta Quest 3, so there’s another thing Mark Zuckerberg can brag about when he decides to trash Apple’s Vision Pro again.

While there’s plenty of positivity surrounding Arkham Shadow, some fans are burned over it being a VR exclusive game. Fans have waited years for some kind of follow-up to Arkham Knight and all they got was mediocre offerings in Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Batman: Arkham Shadow has no release date as of this writing, but will be coming to Meta Quest 3.

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