Batman Arkham Shadow Already Pushes Meta Quest 3 to its Limits

Batman looking up at the camera and escaping a horde of rats by shooting his grapple up into the air
Credit: Meta

Batman looking up at the camera and escaping a horde of rats by shooting his grapple up into the air
Credit: Meta

While Quest virtual reality headsets have been around for years, with the Quest 2 gaining popularity by selling over 20 million units, iconic characters from decades of gaming have been notably absent in VR. Fortunately, one of the most popular superheroes is making an appearance with the release of Batman Arkham Shadow.

Announced last month, Batman Arkham Shadow came with a brief teaser that provided a glimpse of Gotham City. Although the Batman Arkham Shadow release date has not been announced yet, we know that the game will be exclusive to the Meta Quest 3, which may disappoint those hoping for a new addition to the best PCVR games list.

Luckily, more information about the game emerged during Summer Game Fest. The latest trailer, showcased at the main event, offered a look at the story behind the newest Arkham entry set between the events of Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum.

This time, the Caped Crusader faces The Rat King as the main antagonist. If you're familiar with Arkham lore, you might recognize the Ratcatcher, who has been hinted at in previous entries. To address any confusion, The Rat King is indeed the same villain; it seems that developer Camouflaj has chosen to debut him under this new title in the series. Harley Quinn and The Scarecrow will also appear in the game, with their origins being explored during Arkham Shadow.

Although we haven't seen gameplay yet, press releases paint an impressive picture of the upcoming DC game. According to the press release, Arkham Shadow "pushes Meta Quest 3 to its limits, immersing players in a full-fledged, story-driven campaign." Players will be able to grapple around Gotham City, sneak up on unsuspecting criminals, and engage in Arkham-style combat adapted for VR.

Unfortunately, we only have descriptions to rely on. Both trailers may be in-engine, but neither showcases actual gameplay for Arkham Shadow. However, considering that this game could become one of the best Meta Quest 3 games, and as an exclusive, it may set a new standard for the platform by moving beyond older headsets.

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