Baldur’s Gate 3 offline play and no microtransactions praised by fans

baldur's gate 3 offline play and no microtransactions praised by fans
Credit: Larian Studios

baldur's gate 3 offline play and no microtransactions praised by fans
Credit: Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 is doing an extraordinary amount of things that other AAA games aren’t. However, fans are praising the game for simply allowing offline play and not having any microtransactions.

A post on Reddit praised the fact that Larian Studios are releasing a single-player RPG that can be played offline with no in-game purchases. This shows how low the bar has been for modern AAA games, with the past couple of years jading many gamers.

Fans quickly talked about “the good old days” when these two things were the bare minimum. While there are great single-player games out there, the fact Baldur’s Gate 3 allows offline play and Diablo 4 proves the post’s point.

A famous meme is used to show how much better Baldur's Gate 3 is compared to other AAA games.
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Credit: CaptainAddi (Reddit)

“God the fact that being able to play offline is exciting is so sad…” said Folety.

“Cries in Diablo IV,” says Anoktear.

“Larian feels like a developer from 15 years ago in the best way possible,” tragically pointed out FetusGoesYetus.

The tide has turned against gaming’s live-service trend as of late. In this year alone, a lot of games with live-service elements either bombed or have been taken offline. While certain multiplayer shooters will always be popular, we’re getting to a point where only the good ones are staying.

Granted, this trend isn’t completely dead. We already mentioned how Diablo 4 will always require an internet connection, despite fan pleas. The upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will also be online only, even for the single-player campaign. Redfall is also online-only but that game has bigger problems than a constant internet connection.

Even if it was online-only or had microtransactions, Baldur’s Gate 3 is doing a lot to stand out from other triple-A games. An extensive character creator has impressed many fans, as have the supposed 17,000 endings in the game.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming out on August 3 for PC, while the PS5 version comes out on September 6.

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