Baldur’s Gate 3 has 17,000 endings and that’s rad

baldurs gate 3 has 17000 endings
Credit: baldurs gate 3 has 17000 endings

baldurs gate 3 has 17000 endings
Credit: baldurs gate 3 has 17000 endings

Baldur’s Gate 3 is going to be a long RPG and one that fans will replay for years to come. In addition to having over 170+ hours of cutscenes, the game will supposedly have 17,000 possible endings.

Fextralife interviewed Chrystal Ding, one of the game’s lead writers, and asked her how many endings there would be. Ding claimed there will be 17,000 ending variations in the RPG, literally making it infinitely replayable.

“She’s working predominantly on the ending of the game. She’s been working on that for six months, just the ending of the game, which is incredible,” Fextralife said. “I asked her, ‘how many variations of the ending are there?’ And she told me that there were 17,000 variations of the ending.”

Keep in mind that Baldur’s Gate 3 is a choice-driven RPG, so players won’t see everything in one playthrough. Realistically, most players will only see a fraction of those 170+ hours of cutscenes, let alone all of those endings.

Having 100 endings would have been a lot already but the developers are really ambitious. It’s easy to see why developers are in fearful awe of this game since this is a feat that won’t be replicated again. At the least, another game with this amount of thought and ambition should have the same development time and can’t be rushed.

You won’t see a lot of games where the player willingly has sex with a bear. Granted, that is a shapeshifter in the form of a bear but that’s still extreme. Players can even make fun of these scenes in co-op, where the other player is an eternal third wheel and cuck.

Players will also be able to recreate some of their favorite characters with the game’s character creator. We’ve seen fans recreate Doric from Dungeons and Dragons, so imagine all of these famous fictional characters having sex with bears.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 comes out on PC next month on August 3, while the PS5 version comes out on September 6.

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