Balatro Mobile port released, but it’s not easy to get

balatro promo art with red waves and joker cards

balatro promo art with red waves and joker cards


  • The developer, LocalThunk, paired with PlayStack to publish the game across PC and console platforms.
  • The publisher of Balatro, PlayStack, announced that the mobile port of the game is on its way.
  • The Balatro mobile port can be created on Balatro-mobile-maker on GitHub, but you need to buy a copy on PC first.

While the official Balatro mobile port is still in development, some players have managed to create an unofficial Balatro mobile port. It's currently available on both iOS and Android if you're willing to learn how to set it up.

Unfortunately, the game still doesn’t have a mobile port. Although the publisher of the game, PlayStack, announced that they will be working on the mobile port of the game, there is still no information about its release date. Don’t be sad just yet; we might have a perfect solution for you.

You can make the mobile port yourself, and it’s not that difficult. Although it is an unofficial Balatro mobile app, it is still better than no app at all. In order to make this port, you would need to own a copy of Balatro on PC, which can be bought on Steam for $15. You can download the latest version of Balatro-mobile-maker from GitHub.

Using the Balatro-mobile-maker, you can make an APK file. The latest version of Balatro-mobile-maker allows you to create Android as well as iOS versions of the game. It will ask you if you want to create an Android version; type “y” for the Android version and “n” for the iOS version. Answer the rest of the questions it asks in the command prompt, and you’re good to go.

Balatro, a poker-inspired roguelike deck-building game created by solo developer LocalThunk, was released on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch in February 2024. It has since gained a lot of attention from gamers, selling over 500,000 copies in just ten days.

In the game, players start with a standard 52-card deck at the beginning of their run. The objective of the game is to earn more chips in a round than the blind. The game is structured into multiple rounds known as Antes, where each Antes consists of three blinds: small, big, and a boss blind. By defeating the boss blind, you can advance to the next Ante.

Also, look out for the fake versions of Balatro on the app store, as they might ruin your image of the original one. Who needs those fake versions when you can make a mobile port of the original yourself?

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