Awesome Spider-Man Lego easter egg spotted at Avengers Campus

Disney’s new Avengers Campus has kicked up quite a storm this week, as fans flocked to get up close and personal with their favourite cast of super heroes, including Spider-Man.

In true Disney fashion there are a number of smaller, hidden details outside of all the main attractions.

Fans attending the park can see an animatronic Spider-Man, attend the Pym Test Kitchen and travel through a portal to Doctor Strange’s Sanctum. 

The Avengers Campus replaced the previous attraction, A Bug’s World. Disney planned to open the new area last year, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic pushed its official opening back. 

Lego Easter Egg

Twitter user GermainLussier spotted the easter egg while visiting Avengers Campus earlier this week. 

While riding Web-Slingers, Germain noticed Peter’s and Ned’s lego deathstars one one of the shelves. This is a reference to Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the film, Ned invited Peter Parker to create a 3,803 Lego-piece replica of the Death Star. 

In the film, Ned drops the Lego Death Star after discovering that Peter is Spider-Man. Both actors actually built the Lego Death Star together, believing it would help both actors build a genuine bond.

See Spidey in person - kind of 

The star of the show so far at Avengers Campus has been Spider-Man, who visitors can see hanging around the WEB building. The experience features a real-life version of Spidey and an animatronic version which can be seen jumping and web slinging above the building. 

You can see the animatronic Spider-Man in action below. 

The animatronic Spider-Man jumps some 60 feet in the air, before crashing down into an obscured safety net. After the jump, an actor donning the suit emerges to talk with fans.

There’s also a Spider-Man themed ride which takes guests through an animated sequence in which they can shoot webs like the web-slinger.

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