Augmented soldiers, killer robots and more enter Chinese Military

The introduction of robotics into the military has been slow and steady over the past decade. However, the Chinese military has shown off a new addition to its forces: Augmented Soldiers and Killer Robots.

Joining the likes of Russia’s robot dog with an RPG, China now has gun-toting robot dogs. Furthermore, joining Israel, the military allegedly has tech designed to see through walls.

Augmented Soldiers, Killer Robot Dogs and more

Reported by The Sun, Chinese defence firm Kestrel has revealed myriad products designed for the military. In videos shown on Chinese social media website Baidu, Kestrel has created human exosuits for augmented soldiers, weaponised robots and X-Ray vision.

The video shows a Chinese augmented soldier wearing the exosuit deploying a small ball-shaped drone. Afterwards, the ball deploys into a transformable vehicle that surveys the environment, scanning the location with X-Ray vision.

Next, the soldier teams up with a weaponised robot dog. The two move out through the abandoned building, sweeping the location with the help of technology.

China’s robotic military presence is only building up off the rest of the world. In America, military robots are now becoming a major part of the army. In fact, robots are planned to be so prominent that American robots undergo “common sense training”.

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The future of warfare

China’s introduction of augmented soldiers and robot dogs into the military is exactly what the future of military is. With sweeping technological advances, this is the next step of warfare.

However, this robotic advancement is in direct opposition of calls from the United Nations. While the worldwide governmental body wants to stop the reliance on inhumane killing machines, world powers are unconvinced.

In a prior piece, we reported that Russia and America are refusing to stop production of robotic and AI weaponry. As such, the UN cannot enforce a blanket ban on the technology.

Nevertheless, there are a number of non-profit groups looking to fight against robotic militaries and augmented soldiers. Dubbed Stop Killer Robots, the group advocates for a worldwide restriction on any technology that can discriminately kill humans.

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