ASUS' ROG Phone 5 has 18GB RAM and two OLED screens

Asus' overkill line of hardcore gaming phones continues with the ROG Phone 5. If you thought the last phones were overkill, you've seen nothing yet.

Announced during the ROG Phone 5 reveal event, Asus is going above and beyond to create one monster of a smartphone. The successor to last year's third ROG Phone – that's right – is more than making up for the missing forth entry.

What are the ROG Phone 5 specs?

Asus is offering multiple configurations for their new gaming phone. The baseline release will cost $950/€799 whilst the Pro and Ultimate devices will cost €1,199 and €1,299. The base model will launch this month whereas the Pro will launch in April. Lastly, the Ultimate device launches in May.

Expectedly, all three devices have differing specs. However, every version of the ROG Phone 5 will feature a 144Hz screen with a 300Hz touch sample rate underneath. It'll be very responsive. Furthermore, all three phones feature the miraculous return of the headphone jack.

The baseline model will include 8GB of RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage. RAM gets increased to 16GB on the Pro and 18GB on the Ultimate. They also have double the storage.

What's the Killer Feature?

While absent from the base release, ROG Phone Pro and Ultimate devices feature ROG Vision. It's nothing special: both device's feature a rear-OLED that can display custom messages or pictures.

Admittedly, it's a cool addition, but non-Pro customers shouldn't fret. To keep the thick Gamer theme, the base version of the phone still has an RGB logo on the back. You'll still get to show off.

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