ASUS ROG Ally 2 might be coming out this year, according to top exec

asus rog ally 2 could be coming out this year
Credit: ASUS

The ROG Ally has been one of the more popular handheld PC systems released, sometimes giving Valve’s Steam Deck a run for its money in certain areas. It seems that ASUS already has plans for the ROG Ally 2, with one of the company’s executives claiming the successor could launch this year.

Speaking with Techlusive, Arnold Su, the Vice President of ASUS India’s Consumer and Gaming PC, said there’s a chance this new handheld will come out this year. While Su doesn’t give a proper release date for the new ASUS handheld, he did say that the system will likely come out this year.

As for how the ROG Ally 2 will improve upon its predecessor, Su says that the new machine will keep all of the Windows features but focus more on gaming. That statement is a bit confusing since the original handheld was already made for gaming, but it seems the successor will be easier to pick up and play.

Gamers have said that the original ROG Ally is technically stronger than the Steam Deck and it being Windows machine does mean easier access to other games. This means players get to access their games on Xbox Game Pass and the Epic Games Store, in addition to Steam. Keeping these features will make fans happy, though we’re still curious about how the successor will be even more gaming-oriented.

While an ASUS ROG Ally 2 does sound promising, it might have some stiff competition in the future, as Valve has plans to release a Steam Deck 2 in a few years. Valve has also released the Steam Deck OLED, which is just as powerful as its predecessor, but has some cool features and much better colors.

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Now that handheld gaming computers are becoming the norm, we’re interested in seeing how the ASUS Rog Ally 2 does if it comes out this year. Should everything go according to plan, it might end up being the most powerful gaming computer.

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