ASCENDANT.COM Beta starts this April, and you can join in on the FPS action

Guy character being chased by a monster and grabbing a Biocore in Ascendant
Credit: PlayFusion

Guy character being chased by a monster and grabbing a Biocore in Ascendant
Credit: PlayFusion

PlayFusion has announced that the world's first 'Adaptation Shooter', ASCENDANT.COM, has a beta starting very soon, in April, and players can sign up on the website to be some of the first players testing out the multiplayer shooter.

As revealed by the team behind the game, ASCENDANT.COM, which was originally called Ascendant Infinity, is getting a beta on PC on April 5, 2024 and April 6, 2024, lasting only two days. However, this should be plenty of time to give you a taste of the upcoming FPS.

To get you excited for the beta starting soon, PlayFusion has released an ASCENDANT.COM Features trailer, highlighting the 3v3v3v3 action and the mechanics that make the game unique in a saturated market of competitive shooters. You can see this trailer in its full glory below.

We recently got hands-on with the game during our ASCENDANT.COM preview. In our brief session with the FPS, we praised the distinct mechanics that help PlayFusion's multiplayer title stand out from the crowd, with solid gunplay and arguably the best implementation of an in-match shop. However, we shared concerns on the game's lasting success post-launch, with ASCENDANT.COM launching as a premium title, rather than a free-to-play game.

Since the upcoming test is a closed beta, users will have to sign up for a chance at getting access via the ASCENDANT.COM website. You'll need to create or log in with your ASCENDANT.COM account, but you can also use your existing Discord account to make an account. We hope that this beta is just the start of the tests, as we'd love to spend more than two days playing ASCENDANT.COM.

Players can now wishlist the game on the official Steam page for ASCENDANT.COM. PlayFusion describes the game as a "squad-based tactical FPS with serious balls", which we can certainly attest to. Hopefully, the premium price tag and some successful tests will keep potential players interesting in the game for years after launch, and a potential console release could push the needle even further.

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