Giveaway: ASCENDANT.COM Beta Access - try the latest FPS game for free

Close up of three characters in ASCENDANT key art
Credit: PlayFusion

Close up of three characters in ASCENDANT key art
Credit: PlayFusion

If you're hoping to try the world's first 'Adaptation Shooter', then you're in luck. We've got an incredible opportunity for some lucky PC players to get access to the upcoming FPS from PlayFusion, ASCENDANT.COM, during its closed beta on April 5, and April 6, 2024.

The game will pit you and two other players against three other teams as you race to grab Biocores - an essential and low-in-quantity item in the ASCENDANT.COM world. Fortunately, you'll have a variety of weapons and upgrades to pick up that will make battles easier.

If you're desperate to get into the '80s-inspired action of PlayFusion's upcoming FPS, you can access the upcoming closed beta which starts in April. Thankfully, we have a few codes to giveaway thanks to our special ASCENDANT,COM Beta access link.

To have a chance of winning a code, you’ll have to do the following:

  • Click this link and sign up or login with your ASCENDANT.COM account (alternatively, you can use Discord to make an account)
  • If a key is still available, you’ll receive access to the game’s Closed Beta.

This giveaway is only available for PC players.

Once you've done that, it's just a matter of waiting until the beta starts. However, if you're not convinced by the exciting and high octane action that PlayFusion are promising pre-launch, you can check out the latest ASCENDANT.COM Features trailer below, which gives you a rundown of what you'll experience during the beta.

During our hands-on ASCEDANT.COM preview earlier in March, we praised the game's unique mechanics, despite the FPS entering a saturated market. We have some concerns regarding the premium price at launch that may turn some player's away, but fortunately, this beta will be a good opportunity to see whether you'll want to pick the game up when it launches.

ASCENDANT.COM currently doesn't have a release date, but if the beta goes well, we imagine we'll get an announcement about a potential launch time. When the game finally releases, it'll be in early access to help PlayFusion develop the FPS with player feedback in mind.

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