Overwatch artist reveals AAA game devs are banning AI art

Overwatch artist reveals AAA game devs are banning AI art

AI art generation has been used in a number of high-profile games, including recent AA FPS Atomic Heart. However, a number of AAA game devs are enforcing a sweeping ban on AI art over fears of litigation.

Generative art programs such as Stable Diffusion have been taken to court over claims of plagiarism. As AI art uses databanks of human-created artworks without permission, many believe the digital art is completely stolen. In the past, AI art users have made programs copy exact artists’ styles down to their watermarks.

According to ex-Blizzard and Riot Games artist Trent Kaniuga took to Twitter to explain that a number of AAA game devs are avoiding the tech for this reason. While companies such as Ubisoft are delving deep into AI writing for its games, many are abandoning the controversial art tools.

Kaniuga explained that multiple studios are enforcing a blanket ban on generative art to stop any future lawsuits before they happen. The artist — who has worked on games such as Fortnite, Diablo, and more — explained that previous companies he’s worked with are looking to keep AI artwork away from their products.

“AI art is now BANNED by many major game dev studios due to ‘possible legal copyright issues.’” the artist said. “Many old clients are amending contracts recently to end the use of AI art. This goes in line with what I’d predicted in several of my first videos on the subject.”

Kaniuga explained that he’s heard directly from AAA game devs he’s worked with that AI art is unacceptable at their studios. The artist told fans to look at his past work to determine which studios are enforcing blanket bans on generative works.

This could mean that companies including Blizzard, Riot Games, Epic Games and Capcom will fight AI art. Furthermore, the artist has worked for Marvel Comics, meaning Marvel may also be fighting potential AI art use in its comic books.

Over the past two years, AI generated content has exploded in popularity and disdain. From AI rappers to AI models, companies looking to cut costs and human workers are relying more and more on AI to work for them.

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