Artificial Intelligence imagines the entirety of human evolution, and people are terrified

AI art generation is a fascinating if controversial tool, but AI stills are quickly turning into AI videos. In a mind-blowing viral video, AI influencer Fabdream asked artificial Intelligence to imagine the entirety of human evolution. Fans were not happy.

Human Evolution in the eyes of Artificial Intelligence

Shared on Instagram, Fabdream’s generated video shows an AI’s thoughts on the evolution of mankind. In one 39-second video, the artificial intelligence moves from our early generations as monkeys to the far future.

Over time, the monkey turns to Neanderthal; that Neanderthal turns to Homo Sapien. Afterwards, we’re taken to the Middle Ages and quickly into modern day — wearing a hoodie and looking at a smartphone.

Following this, evolution gets crazier. The hoodie-wearing human transforms into an augmented human which quickly becomes more robot than flesh. Over time, the robotics take over, turning humans into complete cyborgs. Eventually, facial features are home, resembling Quarians or even Geth from Mass Effect.

However, it’s what comes afterwards that has frightened the internet. As society collapses, the artificial intelligence imagines our future robot bodies becoming more Geiger-esque as the organism inside takes over. By the end, humanity has become the environment, merging fully with the futuristic cityscapes we’ve created.

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Will this happen?

The belief that this one video has predicted the actual outcome of human evolution is a rather grandiose one. As a modern-day AI, the artistic journey it’s taken is one based on existing information, and mankind can’t predict its own outcome perfectly. Neither can a robot armed with nothing more but mankind’s knowledge.

Nevertheless, it’s predictions may come true in the form of human augmentation. Humanity has always sought to augment itself with exciting technology, from false legs to modern-day bionic eyes. It’s not insane to believe that humanity will, one day, become one with technology, especially if projects like Neuralink end up taking off with the average citizen.

However, the question is: will mankind end up a gross Lovecraftian monstrosity like the end of video? All signs point to no. After all, if we’re going to turn into anything, all bets are on us all becoming crabs. That’s what evolution is: the journey to crab.

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