Arkham Knight fans are terrified of the game’s Nintendo Switch port

arkham knight fans are terrified of nintendo switch port
Credit: Rocksteady

arkham knight fans are terrified of nintendo switch port
Credit: Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham Knight is coming to Switch as part of the Arkham Trilogy this Fall and fans don’t think the system can handle it. Despite being released in 2015, Rocksteady’s open-world title is still a gorgeous game and it’s one that might bring the Switch to its knees.

While the Switch has been able to handle some pretty games, Arkham Knight might be the exception to the rule. Everything in this game is so detailed, from the characters to all of Gotham City, so this could be a challenge.

Across social media, fans have turned the upcoming port into a bit of a joke. Despite being able to run games like Doom Eternal and The Witcher 3, Batman fans have no faith that Arkham Knight will be properly represented on the aging Nintendo hardware.

“The Switch trying to run Tank battles in Arkham Knight,” shared @DailyArkhamMeme. This post also has a GIF of Joker dying in Arkham City.

“Arkham Knight on a Switch,” shared by @Kamiorra. We also see a post of the Krusty Krab exploding, implying what will happen to the Switch.

“Nintendo Switch running Arkham trilogy,” says @2treesentinels. Followed by a video of a heating laptop.

In defense of the Switch, we’ve seen some really pretty third-party games running well on the handheld/console hybrid. The Witcher 3, Dragon Quest 11, and Alien: Isolation are all really pretty games that run decently on Switch. Only time will tell if Warner Bros. and Rocksteady can get this port right.

Hopefully, the other games in this trilogy are playable. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are 6th generation titles that should have no issues running on Switch. Fans will even remember that Arkham City ran alright on Wii U and the Switch is much more powerful than that console.

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Based on what we’ve seen in the Nintendo Direct, this version of the Arkham Trilogy could be the definitive version of these games. Granted, most of these games have been available on other consoles for years but we’re hoping the Switch gets some of that PlayStation-exclusive DLC. Lord knows no version of Arkham City is definitive without the Adam West costume.

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