The PS5 version of Ark: Survival Ascended has been delayed

Ark: Survival Ascended monster
Credit: Studio Wildcard

Ark: Survival Ascended monster
Credit: Studio Wildcard

After much fanfare, Ark: Survival Ascended has finally been released, at least for Xbox Series X and S as well as PC (via Steam), with PlayStation 5 fans receiving the bad news of the game getting delayed on their platform.

The game is a reinvention of the original Ark: Survival Evolved, being rebuilt from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5. Not to be confused with the follow-up sequel, Ark 2, which is still in development.

In a blog post on the official Ark website, the developers stated that they're finalising some details with Sony regarding the PlayStation 5 version of Ark: Survival Evolved. Don't fret, however, as they're targetting this same November as a possible release month for the game.

A shot of a small island in Ark: Survival Ascended
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Credit: Studio Wildcard
Ark: Survival Ascended looks gorgeous!

If you want even more good news, the developers confirmed that the PS5 version will launch with crossplay enabled, letting players join Xbox and PC users. Some other details for the PlayStation 5 version include:

  • The developers will launch a new set of official servers for the respective game modes (PVP, PVE, and Small Tribes). These servers will be running with even higher boosted rates for a period of time to allow players starting on them to catch up. Their hope is to synchronize the rates by mid-December.
  • Furthermore, an additional set of console-specific servers with higher rates that will get synchronized by mid-December will also come online.

So yes, even if PS5 players of Ark: Survival Evolved will have some slight catching up to do, Studio Wildcard will put some extra servers online to help them get a decent boost to even the playing field.

Once we have more information regarding an official release date for Ark: Survival Ascended on PlayStation 5 we'll update you accordingly, hopefully there isn't an extra delay to the already frustrating extra waiting period Sony console owners will have to endure.

In the meantime, check out our guides for taming beasts in Ark: Survival Ascended.

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