Arizona Sunshine 2 battles the undead on all VR systems this December

Arizona Sunshine 2 release date gameplay from a first person VR perspective showing a zombie getting hit in the face without another zombie’s arm

The zombie survival FPS sequel Arizona Sunshine 2 is finally upon us. After months of silence from development team Vertigo Games, the long-awaited VR zombie FPS will sadly miss Halloween, but will be ready for Christmas.

Releasing on December 7, 2023, Arizona Sunshine 2 will launch on the exact same day across all VR system. Launching on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, PCVR and PSVR 2, the zombie FPS game will be playable on all modern headsets.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is a far more advanced game over its rather archaic original. In this sequel, you’ll shoot your way through the hordes of zombies with a trusty dog alongside you on the hunt for the dreaded Patient Zero. Will finding the originator of the zombie virus put a stop to everything?

Unlike the first game, the all-new zombie game won’t just include a wealth of firearms. Instead, you’ll be able to combine long-range broomsticks with sharp and blunt melee weapons to deal damage to the undead. Of course, your best friend canine Buddy will also help you out by finding supplies, attacking zombies and more.

Vertigo Games has promised, and seemingly delivered, a much more realistic and violent zombie game this time around. Stages are huge and exporable, weapon handling is realistic with manual reloading and gore has been expanded tenfold. If you love all the grisly details, Arizona Sunshine 2 has you covered in spades.

The original Arizona Sunshine was one of the first commercial VR games to feel like a real game. While the original game is extremely dated already, it’s still a fun time, and its sequel appears to improve on pretty much every area.

Arizona Sunshine 2 launches with two versions on all VR storefronts: a standard edition and the ever-tempting Deluxe Edition. While all pre-orders will give you access to the Biker Bark Vest, Worker Watch, and Ducky Weapon Charm cosmetics, the Deluxe Edition adds Freddy Hands Skin, Doggy Weapon Charm, and Undead Buddy, a zombie dog skin for you trusty dog.

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