Ara: History Untold is Xbox’s very own Civilization, with mechs and more

Tiled portrait pictures of historical figures in Ara: History Untold

Tiled portrait pictures of historical figures in Ara: History Untold

A new PC exclusive RTS, Ara: History Untold is Xbox’s answer to the massively popular Civilization series. Releasing Fall 2024, the new strategy game allows you to play with history unlike any game before it.

Taking an alternate history route, Ara: History Untold is the next game from Ashes of the Singularity developer Oxide Games. Revealed during the Xbox Developer Direct presentation, the RTS game lets you construct a hodgepodge history on an alternate Earth.

Large scale strategy games are fought against historical rivals, including Jeanne d'Arc, Boudica and, of course, the historical tyrant Genghis Khan. Each turn, you’ll earn Prestige which can be earned by defeating troops or building Triumphs including historical monuments.

“Take up the mantle of history’s most influential figures and reshape the world through your choices,” reads the game’s synopsis. “Will you rule the Egyptians as Queen Nefertiti, the Greeks as Sappho, or the United States as George Washington?”

However, as an alternate history, you’re able to play with timelines if you’re good enough. This means that Genghis Khan could rock up in a sci-fi mech with laser weaponry or George Washington could enter the space race early.

While Ara: History Untold is still a turn based affair like Civ, Oxide’s main aim with this RTS is to reduce the downtime between turns. With this in mind, the studio has created a simultaneous turn system, forcing you to always think two steps ahead of your foes.

RTS fans will have a chance to play the game early and provide feedback to improve the title before final release. Oxide Games revealed that insiders are already trialing the game, making changes for a pleasant experience. For example, the game’s wildlife systems have been made less aggressive due to player testing.

There’s currently no specific release date for Ara: History Untold, but the game is scheduled to release later this year exclusively for Windows 10 and 11 PCs.

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