Apple’s tvOS will now support Spatial Audio on two pairs of AirPods

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Apple’s tvOS will now support Spatial Audio on two pairs of AirPods

If you’re the type of couple to watch the same movie with two separate pairs of AirPods in, then Apple’s new tvOS update is for you. For the weirdos among us, Apple has added Spatial Audio support for more than one pair of AirPods.

Via FlatPanelsHD, tvOS 17 will support the ability for two pairs of AirPods, or Beats, to play Spatial Audio supported content at the same time. For those who like to watch movies with friends with AirPods shoved in their ears, this is a good addition.

In the current version of Apple’s tvOS, Spatial Audio support works with a single pair of AirPods. If you connect a second pair to your Apple TV, the output will switch to the less accurate stereo audio. However, that is now set to change.

FPHD’s report reveals that there are still limitations on the tvOS 17 spatial audio update. At the time of writing, having two pairs of AirPods connected will now remove dynamic head tracking. However, you can still use the “spatialise stereo” feature.

The report also reveals that there are a number of bugs in the current version of the AppleTV software when using two pairs of the company’s branded headphones. For example, disconnecting either pair of AirPods will seemingly always disconnect the other, although that’s expected to be fixed come launch.

While it is weird for two people to watch movies or TV with AirPods in, this software feature is rather useful as an accessibility tool. Couples or friends who are hard of hearing will now be able to easily watch content together with full spatial surround sound.

While certainly a very niche addition, some tvOS users are excited to try out the new addition of spatial dual AirPods. There’s always someone.

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