Apple Watch Series 9 completely changes how you control your watch

An Apple Watch series 9

An Apple Watch series 9

Revealed during Apple’s 2023 Apple Event, the new Apple Watch Series 9 has completely changed the way that users interact with their wristpiece.

Powered by the new and improved S9 processor, the Apple Watch Series 9 improves machine learning capabilities by double that of last year’s Apple Watch. However, the watch also comes with a number of new features that will only be possible on the new device.

Adding Ultra Wideband support, the new Apple Watch also supports a massively improved version of Find My. With the new watch, you’ll be able to have a detailed tracker allowing you to pinpoint your iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.

In terms of display, the new WatchOS device is able to reach new peak brightnesses as well as the lowest brightness of any Apple Watch. Outside, the new device is able to reach a massive 2,000nits to see the display no matter where you are. On the other hand, the device can reach as little as 1nit to preserve power whenever needed.

Additionally, Apple has introduced a new double tap feature that detects when you touch your index finger and thumb on your watch arm. When you do this, you can access a variety of quick features instead of having to bring your watch up to your face.

In the trailer, Apple showed the feature used for answering and ending calls, snoozing alarms, and other features. CEO Tim Cook believes that this will become synonymous with the Apple Watch where users will barely notice the difference.

The Apple Watch Series 9 also features an expanded on-board Siri to ask questions, set timers and check football scores whenever you need.

Finally, the Apple Watch Series 9 will be matched with brand-new FineWoven accessories. Ditching leather bands, the FineWoven accessories aim to be more carbon neutral, using recycled materials instead.

The Apple Watch Series 9 costs $399 for the GPS model and $499 for the GPS and cellular model.

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