Apple Vision Pro’s PianoVision is nothing like the Quest app you love

Someone wearing an Apple Vision Pro from press image in front of PianoVision logo
Credit: Apple / PianoVision

Someone wearing an Apple Vision Pro from press image in front of PianoVision logo
Credit: Apple / PianoVision

The PianoVision app on the Meta Quest store has seen a lot of success, giving virtual reality (and mixed reality) users the ability to learn how to play the piano. Of course, every great app has its copies, and it seems like the new "PianoVision 3D" app on Apple Vision Pro is one of them.

Whether you already own one of the best VR headsets with the Quest 3, or you're looking to pre-order the Apple Vision Pro when the release date for the device finally arrives, one thing is certainly clear - this isn't the educational tool you've come to love.

Spotted by M1Astra on Twitter, the user found an app called "PianoVision 3D" for Apple Vision Pro, alongside sharing some screenshots of the experience. Unlike the beloved PianoVision, this clone isn't for learning to play the piano, but instead is a MIDI file player.

The app, which users can find on the App Store, has already been noticed by the developers behind the official PianoVision. On Twitter, the team reposted the M1Astra post, stating "An FYI to the community: This is not the official PianoVision app. We're looking into the next steps", seemingly hinting at the team taking down the app for using the brand name of the company.

The r/OculusQuest subreddit has come to support the developers behind the Quest app too, with one user saying "The devs for the real version of [PianoVision] are super nice and involved in the community. I hope they C&D these idiots so fast".

Some users have asked whether the team will develop a PianoVision for the Apple Vision Pro, however, the developers haven't confirmed or denied a potential VisionOS version of the app. However, considering that the device is expensive on its own, not counting the Apple Vision Pro scalpers on eBay, we'd imagine the team will wait until it's more accessible. Maybe when an Apple Vision Pro cheaper version arrives.

However, it's a shame to see someone copying the brand identity of a beloved educational app. It could, potentially, be a mistake - someone may be calling it PianoVision simply because it's a piano in VisionOS, but it's hard to imagine someone in the VR/AR community wouldn't know about PianoVision on Quest.

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