Apple Vision Pro is ‘on track’ to launch Early 2024

Apple Vision Pro release date 2025

Apple Vision Pro release date 2025

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Apple’s mixed reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, finally has a release window for fans of the expensive Apple tools. While no specifics were given, the new mixed reality headset will release in early 2024

Revealed at the 2023 Apple Event, the Apple Vision Pro release date was teased by CEO Tim Cook. While teasing the future of the company’s expensive headset, the CEO revealed that the hardware is already close for release.

Cook explained that development partners are working on new software to go alongside the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headset. Targeting productivity, entertainment and games, the Vision Pro headset will have a strong library of apps upon launch.

Not many more details were given regarding the Apple Vision Pro headset. With the headset still at least five months away at the earliest, more details are expected to release next year closer to launch.

Cook also revealed that early impressions of the Apple Vision Pro have been very positive. However, the general public is still wary on the usability of Apple’s expensive headset.

At the time of writing, the early pricing of Apple’s headset has not changed. The Apple Vision Pro is currently priced at $3,499 or £2,699. This price isn’t set to change anytime soon, despite the massive discrepancy between Apple’s headset pricing and other headsets.

With augmented reality glasses such as NReal Air not being well received, Apple has a lot of potential to crack the AR market in a way that no one has managed to do. On the other hand, it could fail spectacularly.

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