Apple Vision Pro parades Lightning’s corpse for $3,499

Apple Vision Pro with a Lightning cable connection to the right of it
Credit: Apple

Apple Vision Pro with a Lightning cable connection to the right of it
Credit: Apple

The beloved, yet controversial Lightning cable is finally being dwindled out of iPhones, with the iPhone 15 series using the industry standard of USB-C - however, the Apple Vision Pro is hiding a little secret within its battery pack...

While many people are unlikely to find this out for themself, especially since Apple's attempt at entering the best VR headsets list will set you back at least $3,499 - unless, of course, you're an Apple employee with a discount. So, unless you're one of the 180,000 Vision Pro pre-orders, who aren't scalping it on eBay, you'll likely want to know what the "spatial computing" headset hides from plain sight.

As spotted by The Verge, Ray Wong of Inverse used a SIM card pin to pop out the cable connected to the Apple Vision Pro's battery pack, and unleashed a boss variant of the classic Lightning cable - offering a look at a bigger, 12-pin version of it.

Considering this product has likely been in developed way before iPhone 15 switched to USB-C, potentially as far back as 2015, it's no surprise that this Godzilla-version of the Lightning connection is hiding somewhere within the expensive headset. And perhaps, it'll also be found in the cheaper Apple Vision Pro too.

Will the corpse of the Lightning cable be enough for you to spend over three grand on a VR headset, especially when Meta is copying Apple Vision Pro's biggest feature? Probably not. But it's at least a fun little "easter egg", sort of. And it's a little memory of when we used to spend expensive amounts on replacement cables when our proprietary charging wire snapped or got lost (see: borrowed by friends and never given back). Rest in piece, Lightning.

However, if you're desperate for a VR setup, especially for gaming, we'd recommend finding out how to build a PCVR setup for the same price as the Apple Vision Pro. You'll even have some money left over for games, too.

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