Apple TV is getting a huge redesign on console and SmartTVs

The Apple TV+ startup screen

A redesigned Apple TV app is coming for non-Apple devices in the very near future. Coming to consoles, SmartTVs and other devices, the new app will bring the service in line with the official Apple version of the streaming platform.

Via FPHD, Apple’s redesigned Apple TV was released earlier this year as an iTunes replacement on first-party devices. However, it seems that Apple is also bringing this new package to other platforms running the app.

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that the overhauled streaming service will be available on third-party platforms, although it didn’t reveal when it will be coming to specific hardware.

“Today Apple unveiled a redesigned Apple TV app that makes it even easier for users to watch Apple’s award-winning original series and films, as well as live sports, movies, and television shows across their favorite Apple devices, smart TVs, streaming sticks, gaming consoles, and more," the company announced in a statement.

The new version of the Apple TV application does still lack some features that many would’ve expected to be implemented in this revised version of the platform. For example, a simple wish list is still missing from this version of the television app.

However, there are major UI improvements to be found within the overhauled Apple TV app. For example, multiple user profiles can now be used, alongside their own libraries, with the ability to be switched between with ease.

To facilitate this change, a new sidebar holds numerous features, including content genres, additional streaming services and an easy way to switch between user profiles.

The Apple TV streaming service has been praised for the high quality of its Apple TV+ offerings. From believed football comedy series Ted Lasso to the sci-fi series Foundation, the vast majority of TV+ shows have been well received. Even the new Godzilla spin-off Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has seen positive reviews.

The new Apple TV application for Smart TVs, streaming devices and more is rolling out at an unannounced date.

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