Apple TestFlight leaks share terabytes of data from iOS’ past

Angry Birds’ Red next to an iPhone 12 Home Screen resting on a table

A massive Apple TestFlight leak has released terabytes of data including iOS software versions, thousands of mobile app and game packages and more.

Dubbed the Apple Teraleak, the new iOS leak has released tens of thousands of Apple TestFlight projects from the years 2012 to 2015. The leak includes finished and unfinished projects that were uploaded to Apple’s servers over the years.

The files from the Apple TestFlight leaks were shared on the Internet Archive. At the time of writing, anyone can find the archive by simply searching “TestFlight leak” on the website.

Found amongst the TestFlight files are packages for numerous unreleased Angry Birds games. While more unreleased games are expected to be found, the sheer amount of data means that fans are still exploring the unprecedented leak.

At the time of writing, the Apple TestFlight leak is one of the largest video game leaks to have ever occurred. The leak is being compared to the likes of the 2020 Nintendo leak, a leak that saw the release of countless files from the Japanese game company. That leak also included prototype files for many of Nintendo’s biggest games, including Ocarina of Time, Mario 64 and more.

Currently, the iOS leak has been largely ignored by the games industry at wide. While fans of iOS gaming are excited for packages such as Epic Games’ long-unplayable Infinity Blade to be found, the leaks have seemingly not bothered the majority of developers that have seen their prototypes leaked.

With many iOS games lost to time following the switch to 64-bit support on newer versions of the mobile OS, games that were lost media are now being rediscovered. The leak, also nicknamed “The Appening” has been praised as a win for gaming preservation.

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