Apple Store lifts ban on game emulators

apple app store logo on blue background

apple app store logo on blue background


  • Apple App Store to allow game emulators on their platform after the latest update.
  • Emulators will have to feature in-app purchases and provide games legally.
  • Some Apple fans are unhappy with this decision.

In the latest update to the Apple Store, Apple has lifted the ban on game emulators and allowed these apps to come to the global version of the App Store to upload games.

After a streak of major losses, this news is the first major win for emulation fans after several crackdowns on emulator and ROM websites from giant corporations such as Nintendo.

Apple will require these emulators to make use of in-app purchases to offer the games digitally. While it's not the completely free wild west of piracy that many emulation fans are accustomed to, hopefully, this serves as another source and motivator for companies and

However, Apple does have a fairly strict stipulation that all available games on these emulators must follow “all applicable laws,”. This move comes at the perfect time, as European Union users seek access to third-party apps, and many fans of emulators resort to jailbreaking to get around Apple's ban on emulators.

Apple has been facing an anti-trust lawsuit from legislators, claiming they're responsible for stamping out the competition and holding a monopoly by preventing the usage of cloud streaming services, such as the new Geforce Now, and super apps such as WeChat.

Most people are thrilled about this new policy as we can finally play some retro classics like Flappy Bird(yes it's considered retro now, deal with it) and many old-school titles that are otherwise unavailable. However, a certain portion of the die-hard iOS fanbase is unhappy at this pressure on Apple, and they suggest that anyone who wants these third-party intrusions to the experience should go back to "Lagdroid".

Whatever your stance is, it's clear that Apple is now adapting their business models to comply with the new wave of scrutiny and pressure put on them by the global community. Let's see if this ends up being for the better or for the worse in the long term.

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