Apple removes anti-vaxx dating app for violating COVID rules

Apple has removed the ‘Unjected’ anti-vaxx dating app for breaching its COVID-19 guidelines. The app , which is still currently available on Google Play, is an app for people who don’t believe in getting the COVID-19 vaccination. But just what is this app?

What is the Unjected Anti-Vax dating app?

It’s official store description, which is in an image (of course) says: “we believe in true science & the scientific method. Observation has shown the science isn’t settled. Covid19 vaccines are shedding dangerous spike proteins.” 

The app doesn’t provide any proof of this claim through its store listing, or on its official website. Interestingly, users who have downloaded the app have not been entirely positive about it. Many Unjected users are complaining about how it is almost unusable and how many of the features simply do not work. 

Unjected launched in May, and while its Google listing remains intact, the app can no longer be found on Apple’s store. Both platforms have warned the app over its sharing of misinformation, although Google has only warned its developers so far. 

Unjected anti-vaxx dating app
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The anti-vaxx dating app is still up on Google Play at the time of publishing.

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A troubling social feed 

Google warned Unjected’s developers two weeks ago that it needed to remove posts which featured misinformation. The developers responded by pulling the social feed feature. Howevery, they then publicly stated their intentions to reintroduce the feed and the controversial posts. 

Apple has pulled the app entirely, stating that Unjected violated rules by spreading misinformation about COVID. The developers decided against this. They instead encouraged users to avoid using specific words in order to avoid a band, something Apple didn’t take lightly. 

Unjected is still available on Google Play at the time of writing, it could be pulled at any moment. We are now a few days past Google initial warning to the developers, so it’s likely the app could end up removed in the coming week.

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