Apple is working on more foldable devices, including tablets and laptops

apple foldable tablets laptops
Credit: Apple

apple foldable tablets laptops
Credit: Apple

With companies like Samsung making foldable phones in recent years, it seems that Apple wants to join the trend. It seems that the company wants to capitalize on that with more foldable gadgets, including a foldable tablet and maybe even a foldable laptop.

MacRumors (via TechRadar) claims that a Taiwanese supply chain told them that Apple has been working on a new foldable device for the past five years. This device is reportedly much larger than an iPhone, with the report claiming that this is either a foldable tablet or even a new laptop.

Before people start saying that laptops are already foldable, it was also reported that production on these products has been paused, at least for now. The reports claim that nothing made has matched Apple’s quality standards, so it seems that users might be waiting a while before these products come out.

While this might sound like disappointing news to some, it’s not like anyone needed a foldable device recently. Users are still waiting for the foldable iPhones and others are even content with the iPhone 15 Pro, which can play triple-A games like Resident Evil 4. Needless to say, the company doesn’t have to rush any of its foldable projects, given how most people trust Apple.

In the VR space, Apple has had less success with the Vision Pro, though it's not like these systems are failing. Even with its niche appeal, the headset was able to sell 180,000 units through pre-orders alone, with more sales likely being made. The fact that this headset can sell, despite a lack of notable apps and other interests, shows just how powerful Apple is.

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Tech users are interested in seeing what Apple does with these new foldable machines, especially if they’re like current Macs and iPads. Fans are probably more interested in a foldable tablet than a foldable laptop, which is just a normal laptop, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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