AOC’s new GX4 monitors are must haves for budget PC gamers

The new AOC 24G4X and 27G4X monitors side-by-side in front of a blurred press image
Credit: AOC

The new AOC 24G4X and 27G4X monitors side-by-side in front of a blurred press image
Credit: AOC

Monitors can be expensive, but once again, AOC proves they don't have to be, offering excellent quality with the upcoming GX4 line of monitors coming late January.

We've seen some eye-wateringly expensive, but admittedly very nice monitors revealed as recently as CES, like Alienware's stunning QD-OLED monitors or MSI's new AI monitor that helps you cheat in games. However, as we just mentioned, those aren't exactly billed as budget-friendly peripherals, and plenty of gamers want to have a great experience without having to watch their wallet cry.

Thankfully, not every brand is trying to get you to take out a loan for a monitor. AOC has recently announced the upcoming AOC GAMING 24G4X and 27G4X monitors, focused on 180 Hz refresh rates, HDR10, and 1080p gaming. Both of which are adequately priced at £149.99 and £169.99 respectively.

Close up of the new AOC 24G4X monitor in front of a blurred press image
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Credit: AOC

While we have to test them before we can rank them as the best budget 1080p monitors on the market, they certainly have our interest. Both monitors offer the same features, with the above refresh rates and HDR10, but they also have 1ms response times, adjustable stands, and are Nvidia G-SYNC compatible, which is perfect if you've just spent a fortune on the best graphics cards right now.

The only difference are their sizes, with the cheaper being 24 inches and the more expensive option being 27 inches. Honestly, they're the perfect partner to the recently released AMD RX 7600 XT, creating a budget-friendly duo that may be worth investing in if you've let your PC setup down for the last few years.

Of course, these new monitors aren't exactly going to outpace the best gaming monitors on the market. However, not everything has to be the best. They've got a solid 3-year warranty on top, and we'd argue that they're definitely an interesting option if you're strict on your budget right now, especially during the cost of living crisis.

There's currently no official date, with a broad late January 2024 release date, which ends in a couple of days. However, when they do launch, you can compare them against other monitors from AOC on the official website.

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