AOC U27G3X/BK, U32G3X/BK monitors add even more bang for your bucks

AOC U27G3X/BK key art
Credit: AOC

AOC U27G3X/BK key art
Credit: AOC

AOC, a leading gaming monitor brand, has revealed two new 4K monitors both set to appear on shelves by the end of the year. The U27G3X/BK and U32G3X/BK promise high-quality visuals and versatile performance to support a wide range of their owners' gaming adventures.

Both monitors are ultra high definition with a 3840 by 2160 resolution. They boast IPS panels that enhance colours and image sharpness, with AI-powered GPUs helping the monitors reach high framerates. Their response times are also notable, coming in at 1 millisecond grey-to-grey.

Additional features on both monitors include two HDMI 2.1 ports and two DisplayPorts for plugging in cables. There's a decent degree of adjustment, too, with stands that allow height, tilt, swivel, and pivot to be adjusted up to 130mm. Finally, both monitors bring many features that are expected from their asking prices: low input lag, AOC G-Menu integration, low blue mode, and shadow control aim to provide plenty of features for gamers and content creators. Compatibility with current-gen consoles is also supported, promising 4K ultra high definition at 120 hertz.

The 27-inch (or 68.6cm) U27G3X/BK monitor brings a refresh rate of 160 hertz. It provides 163 ppi pixel density, Nvidia G-SYNC compatibility and an adaptive-sync support guarantee to reduce screen tear and provide a monitor free of flickering. It's set to appear on shelves around mid-November 2023, costing £499.99.

The larger U32G3X/BK is 31.5 inches (or 80cm) has a slightly lower refresh rate of 144 hertz. Like the smaller model, it promises NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility and adaptive-sync support for seamless usage. Owners of this monitor won't necessarily need external speakers, either, as it has built-in speakers. It'll cost around £649.99 and is expected to be in stores about halfway through December 2023.

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Additional features include a dial point to help first-person shooter players aim, a USB hub for easy plugins, and a Kensington lock included with purchases to keep the monitor securely locked down if needed.

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