Animal Crossing fan turns village into a full Pokémon Kanto remake

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animal crossing fan turns village into a full pokemon kanto remake
Credit: Nintendo and @RozeDepami1085 (from Twitter)

One Animal Crossing fan has decided to recreate all of the Kanto region from Pokémon and it’s crazy impressive. This fan was able to recreate all of the environments and character sprites from the Game Boy games, which must have been time-consuming.

The fan in question is @RozeDepami1085, who revealed all of their hard work on Twitter. It’s an incredible amount of work and that can’t be understated, as recreating these backgrounds must not have been easy. While this doesn’t add actual Pokémon to the relaxing Switch game, it’s great for nostalgia.

Anyone who has played Animal Crossing: New Horizons knows that getting image files for the backgrounds isn’t easy. Players need to transfer files between their Switch and smartphone, with only a set amount of photos available for sending. If that wasn’t bad enough, the image might not translate well, depending on the amount of colors.

Still, we can’t help but be in awe over all of this hardwork. The Pokémon franchise still means a lot to fans and seeing these classic sprites is making us nostalgic. If anything, it makes us wish Game Freak and Nintendo would just add the classic games to Switch already.

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Fans can purchase Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now on Nintendo Switch.

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