American Truck Simulator trundles over to Missouri in new DLC

A large red truck next to the Missouri interstate

A large red truck next to the Missouri interstate

Almost heaven, it’s Missouri! American Truck Simulator’s next DLC brings the first glimpse of the gorgeous Mississippi River to virtual truckers as the state of Missouri comes to the beloved driving sim.

Beloved by fans everywhere, American Truck Simulator is known for giving gamers a brilliant chance to drive a huge truck through the massive continent. Paired with the best racing wheels and best VR headsets, SCS’s trucker sim is loved almost as much as its European Truck Simulator counterpart.

SCS Software has revealed that the next DLC will bring Missouri’s rough Ozark plateau, diverse valleys and — of course — collection of small towns to its truck sim following the release of its Nebraska and Arkansas DLCs later this year.

Alongside the standard map expansion, the American Truck Simulator Missouri expansion adds Underground Warehouses to the game. While specific examples have not been revealed, specific famous underground tunnels such as the Springfield Underground and SubTropolis may be recreated in the expansion.

Just like other states, the Missouri DLC will lavishly recreate the state’s most iconic landmarks. SCS has revealed that the massive 630 feet Gateway Arch will be present for you to drive around and gawk at just like all tourists do.

“The iconic Gateway Arch in St. Louis stands tall, symbolizing westward expansion, while the Ozark Mountains provide a scenic backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts,” the developer said in a press release. “From the bustling city life of Kansas City to the serene landscapes, Missouri captivates with its unique charm and promises a journey marked by historic sites, such as Mark Twain's birthplace and a taste of authentic American culture.”

American Truck Simulator doesn’t have DLC for all 50 states of the US at the time of writing. However, the detail found in each specific expansion pack is truly fantastic, bringing the expansive landscape of the United States to life in a way not possible without DLC.

There’s currently no proposed release date or price for the American Truck Simulator Missouri DLC. However, with Nebraska and Arkansas still in development at the studio, it will probably take quite a while for the exciting expansion to launch.

American Truck Simulator is currently available to play on PC via the Steam marketplace as well as in VR. The game has DLCs available to expand 10 of the continent’s 50 states.

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