Ameca Robot perfectly mimics your facial movements in real time

Engineered Arts’ fantastic fear of engineering returns in yet another Ameca Robot video. After watching the robot shut down a flirtatious convention member and getting angry after a nose boop, there’s still more to see.

After installing a selection of new actuators into the face of Ameca, the robot is capable of more realistic expressions. In fact, it can now perfectly replicate a human in real time.

Ameca Robot mimics human

With the use of facial tracking technology and advanced actuators, Engineered Arts’ robot is capable of mimicking a human. Shown in a new two-minute video, the robot is shown emulating the expressions of a Engineered Arts employee.

Using an iPhone 12 with AR Kit, the employee’s facial movements are tracked and sent to the robot. This allows the machine to real-time replicate every minute movement in the face.

In the video, the robot does show some restrictions. For example, baring teeth is rather rough as the top and bottom teeth seemingly can’t touch. However, the rest is incredibly realistic.

Most impressive is the robot’s eyes. As the human moves his eyes from side to side, so does Ameca. In fact, the advanced robot is even capable of rolling its eyes realistically and smirking without looking terrifying.

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What is this even for?

Of course, many are obviously going to wonder just what is Ameca for? With such advanced robotics going into the machines, they have to have some use, right?

As it turns out, the designed use for the Ameca Robot is entertainment. On the Engineered Arts website, It’s stated that the robots are designed for advanced practical effects in films, just like their lifelike Mesmer robots.

This means that you shouldn’t expect to see an Ameca in your house, like a Tesla Bot or Xiaomi CyberOne. Instead, it’s destined for the stage, or screen! What a star!

Engineered Arts’ robot has massively improved over the years, and someone is getting less creepy. Perhaps it’s the move away from realistic faces, maybe it’s just better movement. Whatever the case, the uncanny valley may actually be broken with this device.

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