Ameca robot displays impressive rage after getting its nose booped

Engineered Arts has consistently proven itself as one of the best companies for robotics. From Ameca to Mesmer, EA's robot models offer impressive — if not haunting — realistic movement compared to its contemporaries.

In a new video, Engineered Arts has revealed yet another look at Ameca technology. This time, the tech company has created a video that shows their robot reacting to one of the most common human interactions: a boop on the nose.

Ameca Nose Boop results in robotic rage

In the YouTube video, Engineered Arts shows their robot responding to a multitude of actions. The video starts with the robot following a human’s finger. As the human moves their finger from side to side, up and down and around, the robot realistically follows the object.

Most impressively, the robot’s eye tracking and facial animals are insanely accurate. More so than the slightly exaggerated look of past videos, the Ameca's reactions may finally breach the uncanny valley.

Additionally, as the human gets closer to the robot’s nose, it actually starts to recoil its neck in disgust. It's eyes furrow as the finger gets closer, relax when the finger retracts. As the nose boop finally happens, the Ameca attempts to grab the human’s hand in a moment of pre-programmed rage.

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Engineered Arts is improving quickly

In recent months, Engineered Arts’ robotics technology has been rapidly improving. While the tech isn't ready for household, consumer use, the tech is still making waves in the robotics industry. Additionally, the company is releasing more videos to showcase the technology.

With companies like Tesla and Xiaomi looking to release consumer robotics, like Teslabot, humans need to be comfortable with robots. However, with tech like the aforementioned Teslabot completely negating facial animation, it's hard for individuals to get comfortable when the technology.

With proper facial movements like Ameca’s, robotics are starting to crack at the uncanny valley. It may not be there quite yet, but it’s certainly moving in the right direction.

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