AMD's Fluid Motion Frames frame generation tech is launching soon

AMD 7600 XT in front of an AMD press image which is blurred
Credit: AMD

AMD 7600 XT in front of an AMD press image which is blurred
Credit: AMD

Team Red has certainly had an exciting CES, with AMD revealing a terrific budget GPU with 16GB of VRAM, but an exciting announcement was left out of the spotlight. AMD's Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) is launching later this month, and it works on any DirectX 11 or 12 game, unlike Nvidia's proprietary tech.

Releasing alongside the AMD RX 7600 XT on January 24, 2024, AFMF may not be new to some users. In fact, the tech has been available in preview drivers for a few months now, offering AMD users frame generation in any games that use DirectX 11 or 12.

Recently, there's been no timescale for when the technology would leave preview drivers and enter the main driver updates. However, January 24 marks the full release of AMD's latest tool thanks to a notice that reads "AMD HYPR-RX with AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) available with AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT launch driver", as spotted by PCGamer.

As Nvidia gears up for the 40-series Super release dates, AMD has been cooking up some competition for Nvidia's DLSS 3 tech. While DLSS 3 requires developers to integrate the technology into their titles, AMD's solution works in a bunch of future games running the latest DirectX APIs.

This will, hopefully, light a fire under Nvidia to make something just as easily integrated as AFMF. However, Nvidia is no stranger to competition, with the new 4000 Super cards prices certainly trying to take market share from AMD. However, as the competition for best graphics card heats up, it's great that those remaining on older hardware will have a great frame generation tech with AFMF, at least if they're using an AMD GPU.

Despite which card may win the 4080 Super vs 7900 XTX battle, it's great to see AMD not only rising against Nvidia's chokehold on the market, but also offering accessible solutions for gamers on a budget. Unfortunately, you do need a decent setup for frame generation to offer decent performance, but at the very least, having options isn't a bad thing.

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