Amazon Prime will contain ads unless you pay extra

amazon prime ads
Credit: Amazon

amazon prime ads
Credit: Amazon

It looks like Amazon Prime is joining an unfortunate trend in streaming services, as users will soon have to put up with ads. This is something that most users will have to go through next year, as the service will also provide an ad-free version that requires even more payment.

As pointed out by Wario64, Prime users are getting an email about how things will change, as the standard membership will now come with ads starting January 29, 2024. While the company tries to downplay this, claiming that there will be limited advertisements, you never know when Amazon may want to change their minds.

Naturally, users who don’t want to see ads will be able to join a new Amazon Prime membership that removes them. Users will have to pay an extra $2.99 a month, which is in addition to what you’re already paying just to have Prime in your home.

Sadly, as we indicated earlier, this is far from anything new as other services like Netflix have done the same. For the most part, users will probably keep their current account and stick through all of the ads. However, some users won’t mind paying extra to get rid of ads, which is when these issues become a problem.

Unfortunately, it looks like this isn’t a trend that’s going to end, since it seems to be working. Hopefully, there’s enough public backlash to make the company change its mind, but that hasn’t worked thus far.

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Right now, Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming services available, since it’s home to some quality shows. While the service isn’t as popular as Netflix, users will subscribe to it just to watch shows like The Boys, Gen V, or Rings of Power. The service is also going to be home to some DC media, like Batman: Caped Crusader, something HBO Max passed on for some reason.

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