FireTV adds huge adverts to search bar, Home Screen and more

A user holding an Amazon FireTV remote with a blurred TV

A user holding an Amazon FireTV remote with a blurred TV

Users of Amazon FireTV devices will now notice massively increased numbers of advertisements on their streaming devices. Via a new update, adverts are now forcing their way into more areas of FireTV devices.

As Amazon attempts to make more revenue to counteract the cheap cost of Fire Stick hardware, new methods of user monetisation are on the way. This means that users of Amazon’s popular TV will be subject to more adverts than ever before.

Via FlatPanels, new forms of advertisements are now rolling out on Fire Sticks and FireTV boxes. UI elements that once displayed important information will now be replaced with ads, and Amazon’s search functionality will also include new ad banners.

Amazon announced that its new “AI-powered search experience” will include specific advertisements that are specifically selected for users based on their account’s purchases and streaming history. Additionally, context-relative advertisements will be present in other areas of the UI.

Finally, the huge banner at the top of the Amazon FireTV UI is going to be filled with ads.

“Amazon is giving more advertisers access to the big featured banner at the top of the Fire TV home screen,” Amazon revealed. “Those ad placements were previously reserved to streaming services and other entertainment customers.”

Amazon has claimed that the newly overhauled advertisements will be tweaked over time to make sure the service isn’t overbearing to users. After all, if people stop using their FireTV devices, they won’t have anyone left to advertise to them.

Amazon isn’t the only platform adding more advertisements into its services. Alongside FireTV, Google, Roku and even specific streaming services such as Netflix are adding more advertisements and ad-inclusive tiers to their products.

Amazon FireTV devices are currently available to buy on, well, Amazon.

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