An incredible VR mod makes Aliens Fireteam Elite a must-play

A first-person gameplay
Credit: Cold Iron Studios

A first-person gameplay
Credit: Cold Iron Studios

Fans of the Alien franchise will be excited to hear that developers have made a VR version of Aliens Fireteam Elite utilising the Praydog Unreal Engine Virtual Reality injector (UEVR injector).

The UEVR injector is a project developed by Praydog, a user that's widely known among the modding community with a special emphasis on VR mods. In essence, it would allow any video game developed in Unreal Engine 4 and 5 to be enhanced with VR capabilities.

Via social media, users of the Flat2VR community shared the progress made in Aliens Fireteam Elite, confirming there's a functioning modder VR version of the game with crossplay between PC and console enabled.

Flat2VR is a big community of VR enthusiasts with several developers working to bring many AAA games, with a special focus on shooters, to VR systems. Some of the mods, like the Aliens Fireteam Elite one, go above and beyond as they include full motion controller support to become a fully immersive experience.

Praydog's UEVR injector has been in the works for quite a while. In fact, the motion control support was first shown earlier this year, with the Flat2VR Twitter account explaining it took the developer six months just to make this feature functional, while still having work to do ironing out some of the finer details like syncing weapon models to the motions made by players.

The UEVR injector is scheduled to release this year. However, with just a few weeks to go before we say goodbye to 2023, it seems unlikely it will come out before 2024 unless Praydog decides to essentially shadow-drop the mod. As it stands, they've yet to make an announcement regarding a revamped launch date.

If you're a VR enthusiast then we suggest you stick around Stealth Optional as we'll be sure to update you on all things related to Praydog's UEVR injector mod. In the meantime, check out recent news of VR headsets becoming a massive success this past Black Friday.

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