AI zealots want tech to crush artists as they seek The Singularity

Artificial Intelligence replacing jobs is a real issue as AI art generators like DALLE 2 and Midjourney exist to replace stock photographers and artists. However, a certain group of AI Zealots are not only excited by this scenario, but live for it.

AI Zealots vs Artists

After AI program Midjourney was used to win an art competition, the internet was set aflame. On one hand, many people in both the artist sphere and the AI community saw it as obvious cheating. In comparison, a group of AI zealots believed that this was the right course of action and that artists need to be replaced.

The group believes that the removal of artists with AI is one step towards The Singularity. This Singularity is a long-explored sci-fi concept where humanity and sentient AI exist together. However, the actual benefits and cons of a real singularity are, by nature, impossible to predict.

In a post on the Singularity subreddit — one designed to discuss AI news, not praise the idea of singularity — a user explained that Midjourney’s win was a “modern day Kasparov”. The poster explained that the proof of AI’s success will be when AI beats artists, rendering them useless.

“AI just beat human artists in a professional art competition,” the zealot said in a long-winded rant. “Regardless of rules, style, creativity, whatever else ‘real’ artists want to claim to discredit it, this was history in the making.AI won. We beat you. And from now on, it’s only going to get better, stronger, more coherent, and more accessible. And one day very, very soon, no one is ever going to need you again.”

The Backlash

As we noted earlier, the Singularity subreddit isn’t designed to praise the sci-fi trope. While numerous AI zealots agreed with the original poster, more fought against their weird tirade against artists.

The original post now stands with zero upvotes as those who respect human artists disagree with the post. However, even some of the defenders only see human creativity as a temporary.

One user said: “Human creativity will be needed until we create AGI at which point i’m chilling on the beach and enjoying retirement.” Another claimed: “All artists are being terminated as we speak. Talking down on AI is like talking down on your future gods.”

The Singulairty won’t be good for us

While the idea of a singularity happening is still trapped in the words of science fiction, it could happen one day. However, if it did happen, would it actually be peaceful for the everyday person? Absolutely not.

As always, the Singularity will only ever benefit the rich, no matter what AI zealots claim. The rich and powerful will always fight for money to be at the centre of society, even if AI runs the world.

There won’t be any “relaxing on the beach” for standard people; that’s not how the world works and General Artificial Intelligence isn’t going to change that. 

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