AI-written articles flood websites with glaringly inaccurate information

ai-written articles flood websites with glaringly inaccurate information
Credit: Orange Snowman

ai-written articles flood websites with glaringly inaccurate information
Credit: Orange Snowman

Websites are trying to use AI to write their articles and they’re doing so with really bad results. The flaws of using this system for articles are immediate and the fact that companies think it’s okay shows how much of a problem this is.

On Twitter, user @velocciraptor showed how bad G/O’s use of AI for their articles is, showing a horrendous Star Wars watchlist. Based on the article, it’s supposed to tell fans how to properly watch the movies in chronological order. However, as fans can see, the list gets everything wrong as it puts Star Wars: The Clone Wars after The Rise of Skywalker.

AI may have its benefits, but referencing the chronological watch order of a legendary movie series doesn’t seem to be one of them. Human writers might be a bit slower but if you pay them well, they will write articles correctly and get the order of movies right. Seeing an AI write this is embarrassing, to say the least.

The staff at io9, where the article was published, are pretty mad that this happened. In their official statement, they acknowledged that this was shameful and was done without the staff knowing. Unfortunately, the damage was done and sites like Variety have since reported on what happened.

It goes to show that AI is still no replacement for human hands, especially when it comes to things like writing and art. Sadly, corporations will take whatever chance they can to cut costs, even if it means really bad articles from AI. Human beings can have controversial opinions and say dumb things but at least they won’t churn out anything that bad.

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Hopefully, with the reactions this story has gotten, many companies will decide against using AI for articles from here on out. While we’re at it, they should also stop using them for art, as the opening in Marvel’s Secret Invasion is one of the worst things we’ve seen.

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