AI replaced 4,000 workers last month, but employers already have issues

AI replaced 4,000 workers last month, but employers already have issues

AI replaced 4,000 workers last month, but employers already have issues

The AI explosion has come for thousands of jobs. A new report claims that a minimum of 4,000 employees were replaced by artificial intelligence over the month of May.

Analysis firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas revealed that the rapidly evolving technology has started to phase out human workers in a number of companies.

The new report claims that American employers axed 80,000 employees across a number of companies. Of that number, 5% of firings were related to the introduction of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has been controversially added to a number of companies across the world. Typically enforced in creative industries, AI tools such as Midjourney and more have started to replace human workers. 

In recent news, game studios such as Cytus developer Rayark have been caught replacing human workers with artificial intelligence tools. However, that’s not the biggest example of the issue with AI workers.

In a large controversy, media outlet CNET has replaced a number of human journalists with artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT. However, this has resulted in a number of issues with the once-prestigious publication.

CNET’s AI writer was heavily criticised for pushing misinformation to its readers as well as promoting plagiarism. The articles written by the tool were also rife with grammatical and spelling errors.

The CNET AI writer was predominantly used for generating SEO articles that targeting search terms, but more than half of the pieces made by the tool had to be fixed by human hands anyways. CNET has since paused usage of the tool.

However, CNET is not the only website using AI technology to generate written articles, but it is the most prominent. A number of other websites have attempted to garner a foothold on search engines by having AI generate hundreds of search terms for them, misinformation and plagiarism be dammed. 

The AI explosion also comes amid a push for more robotics in lower-income jobs. In the food industry, restaurants have attempted to move to robot waiters. Fast Food restaurants have also attempted to replace human workers for key areas of work.

As far as the future of AI goes, more human workers are expected to be replaced by the evolving tech. While the tech has massive issues, many companies are still looking to bet on it in order to achieve record profits.

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