AI girlfriend made by influencer charges fans to fake chat with her

AI girlfriend made by influencer Caryn Marjorie charges fans to fake chat with her

AI girlfriend made by influencer Caryn Marjorie charges fans to fake chat with her

A 23-year-old Snapchat influencer has created an AI girlfriend clone of herself to make more money from lonely fans.

With over 1.2 million followers, Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie has used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create a virtual version of herself that fans can converse with.

A fake version of paid services available by other influencers and models, Majorie used the insanely popular ChatGPT AI tool to make sure fans can always have a conversation with her, even if everything is a facade.

Dubbed CarynAI, the AI girlfriend is able to respond with an AI voice clone of the influencer’s real vocals. While ChatGPT generates responses, another tool speaks those responses in the Snapchat influencer’s voice.

Marjorie’s AI Girlfriend service charges fans $1 every minute to talk to her robotic impersonator. At the time of writing, the influencer already has over 1000 fans paying for her service.

As reported by Fortune, these 1000 fans were closed beta trial users on the instant messaging app Telegram. The AI girlfriend service is now launching out of beta and will be available for the public.

“I’ve been very very very close with my audience, but when you have hundreds of millions of views every single month, it’s just not humanly possible to speak to every single viewer,” Marjorie told the outlet. “And that’s where I was like, ‘You know what: CarynAI is gonna come and fill that gap.’” And she believes the company has the potential to “cure loneliness.”

The AI service allows Majorie’s fans to discuss anything with the influencer’s virtual clone, seemingly without limit. Fans are encouraged to tell the digital doppelgänger intimate details, discuss their days and even engage in sexual conversations.

Majorie’s AI clone isn’t the first example of an AI girlfriend. In fact, services such as Replika have proven to be wildly popular, as well as controversial. Starting as a blank slate, Replika AI learns from interactions with its users, crafting a virtual partner that players can engage with romantically, platonically or even sexually.

However, the phone app has seen its fair share of bad apples. Infamously, users would pay for the ability to sexually abuse their Replika AI girlfriends, breaking them to act as if they enjoyed the virtual terrorism bestowed upon them.

It stands within reason to expect that influencers’ virtual clones will unfortunately suffer the same fate at the hands of evil fans or even haters. However, with the addition of voice replies from AI girlfriends, these forms of conversations could get out of hand very quickly. 

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