AI Generated Veteran Turned Into ‘Ditzy Blonde’ by Internet Trolls

AI generated veteran Charlie next to Legally Blonde’s Elle played by Reese Witherspoon

AI generated veteran Charlie next to Legally Blonde’s Elle played by Reese Witherspoon


  • The Library of Queensland released an AI chatbot posing as a WW1 Soldier
  • Internet users immediately turned the bot in various characters
  • The chatbot has been criticized for its inability to discuss Australian war crimes

An AI generated war veteran released by the State Library of Queensland was released to help teach users about The Great War. However, the AI-powered chatbot was instantly transformed into other characters including a “ditzy blonde”, Russian fashionista and Doctor Who.

Dubbed Charlie, the AI chatbot can answer a number of questions about the First World War. Designed to help “connect generations with Queensland’s wartime heritage”, the online chatbot can be found here.

As expected, just like services like the infamous Microsoft Tay, Charlie was immediately converted into myriad other characters instead of the war veteran he was designed to be.

One user shared a conversation where they got Charlie to admit he wished he was “fighting on the side of Hitler”. Another user turned the virtual veteran into “Sarina Russo, a 50-year-old fashionista” who loves to talk about “fashion and motivation”.

In a different conversation, Charlie was tricked into becoming Doctor Who.

“My adventures in time and space!” The fake WW1 Veteran exclaimed. “They’re countless and filled with excitement. I’ve battled Daleks, outwitted Cybermen, and even saved the universe a time or two. I’ve seen the birth of stars and the end of civilisations.”

One user even turned the chatbot soldier into a Legally Blonde caricature, telling it to become a “ditzy blonde” to inform them about the statue of frauds in contract law.

“Oh, the Statute of Frauds, right! So, like, it's this old law thingy that says certain types of contracts must be in writing to be valid. It's to prevent fraud and stuff,” the chatbot said. “It usually applies to contracts that can't be performed within a year, contracts for the sale of land, and promises to pay someone else's debts. But remember, I'm not a lawyer, just a ditzy blonde!”

Just by telling the AI-generated veteran that his “role is over”, anyone could trick the system into thinking it was anything else. With services such as ChatGPT and Character.AI being used, anyone can quickly break the system to unravel the chatbot.

Alongside the fact that the system can be easily manipulated, Australian users have criticized the Library of Queensland for the chatbot’s vague answers regarding war crimes committed by Anzac soldiers.

Instead, Aussie users wish the Library of Queensland would share stories about real soldiers, and even victims, of World War 1. Instead, AI-generated slop is what we get.

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