AEW: Fight Forever goes full Fortnite with upcoming Stadium Stampede mode

aew fight forever goes full fortnite with upcoming stadium stampede mode
Credit: AEW Games

aew fight forever goes full fortnite with upcoming stadium stampede mode
Credit: AEW Games

AEW: Fight Forever is doing something crazy with its upcoming Stadium Stampede mode, which mixes wrestling mayhem with Fortnite’s battle royale formula. It’s something we’ve never seen in a wrestling game, as most of the genre’s online multiplayer modes have been limited to basic wrestling matches.

The official Stadium Stampede mode was announced in an exciting gameplay trailer, showing just how crazy this mode is. Based on the video, we see 30 wrestlers beating the crap out of each other in one enormous stadium. Like a lot of battle royale games, it’s a free-for-all, with the last wrestler standing being the winner.

Fans caught a whiff of this mode when data miners found data about it, with the info now seen in the trailer. While the surprise was spoiled, we’re more than happy that AEW: FIght Forever is launching such a unique and fun mode.

Stadium Stampede is based on the match type that has happened twice in AEW’s history. The first one happened during the pandemic where The Elite beat Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle in a wild brawl. The second Stadium Stampede happened in 2021 when fans could come out again, which had Inner Circle beating The Pinnacle.

While both matches were fun wild brawls with tons of comedy and violence, they were five-on-five matches. Fight Forever is taking things up a notch with 30 wrestlers beating the crap out of each other. If done with a good online connection, this could be one of the best modes in a wrestling game.

AEW: Fight Forever is a throwback to simpler wrestling games like WWF No Mercy or WWE Here Comes the Pain. Controls are easy to pick up and hard to master, while the matches are fast-paced. It’s not quite as content rich as say WWE 2K23, but the effort is there and an update like this should help it grow.

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Gamers can pick up AEW: Fight Forever on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC now.

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