Activision might be bringing Skylanders back without the toys

activision might be bringing skylanders back without the toys
Credit: Activision

activision might be bringing skylanders back without the toys
Credit: Activision

While the toys-to-life fad has died out, it seems that Skylanders might not be dead just yet. A big rumour claims that Activision has surveyed fans about a potential Skylanders remaster but with a twist; no toys will be used.

If true, this remastered Skylanders collection will simply let players choose their favorite character in-game as they battle through hordes of enemies. Naturally, fans are mixed about this possibility, since it was these toys that gave this game an identity that helped it stand out.

Unless Activision officially announces a remastered collection of these games, fans should take the news with a grain of salt. Still, there would definitely be interest in a collection of these games, with or without the toys involved.

Reddit user 'SkylThrowaway' claims to have received a survey from Activision about a potential Skylanders remastered collection. Said post comes with mock-up images that show a possible character select screen that replaces the need for toys. It’s definitely intriguing, to say the least.

Fans on the forum are mixed about this. Many think that the post is fake since it doesn’t come from a credible source. Some think that removing the toys-to-life feature waters down the game’s main concept. Others simply don’t want to be misled since this sounds like a great idea.

“Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope,” says 'EveryoneWantsGrenino'.

“Oh how I'd love to believe this,” spouts 'Born-Environment-239'.

Skylanders really did make a name for itself when it introduced the toys-to-life concept. Originally piggybacking on the Spyro name with the first game, Skylanders grew in popularity and even inspired competition. Games like Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions wouldn’t have been made if not for Skylanders.

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If the Skylanders remaster does launch without needing toys, it’s a good decision. While most would argue that the toys are why this series got popular, this ensures that anyone can play the game without needing to buy countless figures.

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