A proper Batman VR game is on the way, but it’s Quest exclusive

a proper batman vr game is on the way but its quest exclusive
Credit: Rocksteady

a proper batman vr game is on the way but its quest exclusive
Credit: Rocksteady

The FTC has accidentally leaked a Batman VR game coming to Meta Quest 2, supposedly for this September. Following the recent release of Iron Man VR on Meta’s gaming platform, superhero fans of both Marvel and DC will have something to play.

Batman is no stranger to VR, the Dark Knight came to virtual reality with Batman: Arkham VR a few years ago. However, this new title could be more than a simple tech demo. At least, we hope so.

We’ve seen a couple of superhero VR games in recent years, though they were usually short experiences that didn’t amount to too much. Now that VR games are branching out, having actual narratives and proper gameplay loops, hopes might be high for this.

Licensed games don’t always have the best support but the Batman name does have some weight behind it, thanks to the Arkham games. Hopefully, this Batman VR title can let DC fans live their dream and be the bat in a more immersive way than the Arkham games.

Camouflaj, a games studio that Meta bought last September, will reportedly work on this new Batman VR game. From what can be seen in the leak below, not much is known, aside from the fact that it will be exclusive to Quest. The developers also seem to be working on an Iron Man game for Quest.

Hilariously, the FTC actually asked the court to redact this leak since the information is considered “highly confidential.” Obviously, enough action wasn’t taken and we now know that a Batman VR game is on the way. All that matters is the game being good, as a lot of VR titles tend to be about showcasing the visuals more than anything else.

Batman: Arkham VR falls into that category, as it was more of an interactive cutscene than a full-fledged game. While it did add some decent context to the story of Arkham Knight, it was a disappointment when it came to the actual gameplay. If this VR game can nail the fighting and grapple hook sections, it might be worth playing.

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Expect more news on Batman VR during a Meta event or even a DC one.

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