A foldable iPhone may be coming as soon as 2026

iPhone 15 Pro Max with a flip hinge for a foldable phone and in front of a gasping emoji
Credit: Apple

While Samsung is currently leading the foldable smartphone market, Apple could be ready to unveil a foldable iPhone, potentially as soon as 2026, according to some new reports.

The spotlight is currently on Apple's attempt at the best VR headset, the Apple Vision Pro, and while the Vision Pro reviews aren't as exciting as we envisioned, we have good faith that the headset is an exciting window into the future of technology. However, Apple could be eyeing up a slice of the foldable phone market too, with a potential device releasing next year.

A new report from The Information suggests that Apple is building an iPhone folding phone, more specifically, one with a clamshell design similar to that of the Samsung Flip series of phones. While a direct source for this claim hasn't been named, it comes from someone with "direct knowledge of the situation", according to The Information.

Apple hasn't really changed the design of iPhones since the release of the incredible iPhone X back in 2017. While the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max did change the controversial notch to the Dynamic Island, the design remains mostly intact. However, introducing a clamshell version of an upcoming iPhone will certainly be exciting.

The report suggests that Apple wants to make the potential folding phone "as thin as current iPhone models", which knowing Apple, will likely be possible. However, while Samsung is reportedly looking to make a cheaper foldable phone, it's unlikely that the Apple iFlip, or whatever it is called, will follow a similar budget-friendly approach. Especially when most people are still waiting for a cheaper Apple Vision Pro before diving into Apple's "Spatial Computing" device.

It will be interesting to see whether Apple can actually solve some of the issues that plague foldable phones. Usually, folding phones have issues with performance, affordability, and battery life, despite being as expensive as some of the latest flagship smartphones.

Plenty of companies are releasing foldable phones, with the Honor Magic V2 being one of the most recent ones. However, it's clear that Samsung is currently in first place for foldable phones, and having two of the biggest smartphone companies battling is definitely exciting.

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