SteelSeries Sensei Ten gaming mouse review: a high price for a high-quality product

SteelSeries is a brand that’s been a rising star these last few years. We even gave the

Apex Pro

our highest score in keyboards yet.

So when we received a mouse from them, we were curious. Could it rival the

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

, perhaps?

A mouse needs to


great. That’s what matters most. If it feels too small or cramped for certain hands, it’s not going to last on someone’s desk for long.

With that, we gave the SteelSeries Sensei Ten mouse a run-through, to see how well it worked in certain games, and maybe with a certain tablet as well...


Feel - Score 95

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+ 2

It’s a wired mouse that feels very smooth to the touch, made out of a high-grade polymer, so if you’re going to be carrying it around in your bag, there’s little chance of dents occurring with this peripheral. It’s slightly longer than your usual mouse, but it feels just right; every button is easily accessible and the scroll-wheel, while not as customisable as the Razer mouse, does its job well, especially as we were scrolling through weapons to purchase in CS:Global Offensive.

There’s eight programmable buttons which can be binded to any combination you wish through the ‘Engine’ app, the same one used for their keyboards such as the Apex Pro. So certain bindings can be applied here, such as taking a screenshot, muting sound, bringing up an inventory, or for using a specific item when needed. All very useful, and all easily accessed with your hand.

When it comes down to it; it’s a very comfortable mouse. Granted, there’s no wireless here, and the design is as standard as they come, but why mix with a classic? Here, SteelSeries have taken a classic mouse design, and elevated it to be the best it can be for any use; from gaming to editing video for a YouTube channel. The glowing lights are also a nice touch; they pulse every second and they’re positioned just where your hand covers them, so your hand isn’t decorated like a Christmas Tree compared to other RGB mice.

The precision of the ‘TrueMove Pro’ sensor is also worth a mention here, as it results in fantastic performance when playing a first person shooter or even changing the tilt of an aircraft in Ace Combat 7; really precise, really reliable. There’s a button below the scroll wheel that changes the speed of the cursor as well, and this applies to any device you plug it in. Using the ‘Sensei Ten’  to write this review on the iPad was a treat, and being able to change the tracking when needed was very welcome; just plug-in and scroll.


Price - Score 85

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Let’s be honest, compared to other mouses that we have reviewed, it’s a little

high on its price

for what it's missing: the SteelSeries Sensei Ten would currently set you back

£109.99 on Amazon


It’s not wireless, which may be a deal-breaker for some, but you are paying for a premium product here. There’s a reason why more people bought an iPod rather than a Microsoft Zune back in the day; you want a good experience and a well-made product, and that's what this mouse brings.

If you want a straight-to-the-point peripheral, this is the mouse to buy.

Our Score


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Incredibly customisable
  • RGB doesn’t distract


  • High price
  • Not wireless

For what the Sensei Ten brings, it’s a fantastic mouse. Very customisable, a very comfortable feel, and one that will last you for many years to come, if not the decade.

The price is a tad too high. We feel that


will be a big ask for some, especially with other products in this category going for much lower price points... but if you want good quality and great longevity, this is the mouse to get.

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